The Gale Gallery
Dave Woodman

Dave Woodman, a California artist and long-time Lucy fan (and artist of the Gale Gordon
caricature on our title page and in our backgrounds) was also kind enough to share his collection
of Gale photos.
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Rick Carl's Photos
Gale with Mabel Gibson in a 1929 production of
"The Climax" at the Hollywood Playhouse.
Gale in an early Shakespearian role.
(Possibly a publicity photo for the 1930s radio serial
"Regal Coronets")
In their first adventure as a TV Duo, Lucy Carmichael
locks herself and Mr. Mooney in the vault of the Danfield Bank.
"Heavens to beastie!"
In this scene from "Lucy and the Monsters", Lucy and Viv

go to see a horror movie and that night Lucy has a night mare
that is complete with a gorilla for a maid and a Dracula Mooney.
Vivian Bagley and Lucy Carmichael pop into the
bank to visit a thrilled Mr. Mooney.
Lucy Carmichael and Theodore J. Mooney at the
Westland Bank in California.
An image of Gale as Mr. Mooney is used by artist Steven Steins for INVISIONS. The inside of the card says, "They've
eliminated your department."
A wonderful photograph of Gale signing autographs for his many fans.