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Gale and Lucille Ball in a publicity shot for The Lucy Show.
The First of many adventures: Gale's first episode
has his character, Theodore J. Mooney getting locked
in the bank vault with Lucy Carmichael.
Mooney runs to be Comptroller of
Danfield with the help of
Lucy and Viv, in "Lucy Goes Into Politics"
Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance, and
Gale Gordon in a still from "Ethel Merman
and the Boy Scout Show."
Mooney squirts himself in the face with mustard
as Lucy Carmichael tries to serve him
with a subpoena in "Lucy Is A Process Server."
Mooney and Lucy are dropped down into the Danfield Bank's
latest security feature: Mooney's Hide-A-Hood
in "Lucy Takes A Job at the Bank."
Ethel Merman guest stars in a two-part episode of "The Lucy Show" as herself (and with the alias of Agnes
Schmidlapp). These two pictures are from "Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman How To Sing."
In "Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show", the cast performs a history of entertainment from Vaudeville to
Television. In this second picture, Gale's character is leaving his wife (Lucy) for a "vamp" (Merman) in their tribute
to the silent movie.
(These last four pictures are courtesy of Tom Watson and the
We Love Lucy fan club.)
For "screen captures" from this episode (in colour) click
Lucy plays the role of the long-suffering Irma Mooney in "Mooney's Other Wife."