Gale Gordon Links official website of Lucille Ball's family. The official site of Gale's Here's Lucy co-star. It features excellent information on the
wonderful actress and the wonderful show. The official site of Gale's Here's Lucy co-star, featuring up-to-date information on
Desi's life, career, and family.

We Love Lucy: The official website of the We Love Lucy Fan Club. The official website of The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Centre in Jamestown, New York. The official website of the Borrego Springs (California) Chamber of Commerce
(Gale was the former president of the chamber of commerce and the town's honourary mayor).

The Unofficial Fibber McGee and Molly Home Page: An outstanding website dedicated to
the radio show where Gale played Mayor La Trivia.

The Great Gildersleeve Home Page: Another great website dedicated to the radio show The
Great Gildersleeve
on which Gale played Rumson Bullard.

Dave Woodman Artwork: A very talented artist and contributor to this web site.

The Lucy Lounge: A nice and friendly discussion forum about Lucille Ball, Gale, and all of their shows
and co-stars

TV Tome: This website provides excellent databases with tons of information on Gale's various TV series'.
is Our Miss Brooks. An amazing store for all fans of old time radio.

What-A-Character: An extensive resource on character actors. It includes Gale and a number of his

The Lucille Ball File: One of the most extensive websites out there on the Queen of Comedy and her

Nancy Schnepp's Lucy Page: One of the first "Lucy" pages on the net and still one of the best! Official website of MOVIE STAR Ruta Lee, Gale's co-star on two episodes of "The Lucy
Show" and "Lucy Moves To NBC". (Look for her memories of Gale coming soon to the Gale Gordon Archive!)