The Gale Gallery
Rick Carl

Rick Carl was lucky enough to be on the set for the filming of every episode of Life With Lucy.
Rick was kind enough to contribute these behind the scenes photos of
the series (along with a couple of bonuses) to this site. Thank you, Rick!
Lucy and Gale setting up for a publicity photo. To view the end result, click HERE.
Lucy and Gale with ( l to r) Donovan Scott, Larry Anderson, Jenny Lewis, Philip J. Amelio II, and Ann Dusenberry
Gale with Jerry Riley, a standin for the children on Life With Lucy.
(1) Gale with Robert Rockwell, Richard Crenna, and Eve Arden in a scene from Our Miss Brooks.
(2) Gale and Eve Arden.

(Both of these photos are from the 1 May 1953 edition of TV Guide.)
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